Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Wednesday September 28, 2016 by Cedarcrest Select Basketball.

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Cedarcrest Select Basketball Season?

The primary CSB season known as Winter Season runs from October through the middle of March. 


Who is eligible to play?

Cedarcrest Select Basketball is open to all players in 3rd through 8th grade who reside within the Riverview School District boundaries.


Why is an AAU Extended Benefits Membership required to participate in tryouts & during the season?

Cedarcrest Select Basketball is an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) member program.  As such, membership is required for every athlete and non-athlete participant including any parent who gets involved in helping coaches & working with players in any way.  CSB requires the AAU Extended Benefits Membership for our participants because this level of membership provides coverage for events such as tournaments and program activities that are not specifically AAU sanctioned events.  Athlete and non-athlete memberships are attained at


When are Tryouts?

Tryouts take place during the last week of September.  Two tryout sessions per grade level are offered.  Players must attend a minimum of one tryout session but are highly encouraged to attend both if possible.


Can parents watch Tryouts?

CSB Tryouts are closed and are for the players, coaches and evaluators only.


Who are the Evaluators?

CSB Coaches will be doing the player evaluations.  There will be at least 5 coaches from across the CSB coaching staff assessing each age bracket.  


How many players are on a roster?

10-12 with a maximum of 12.


How do we know if our child makes a team?

Results will be posted by tryout number on within 48 hours of the completion of tryouts.  You must accept your child’s spot on the team by completing the Player Acceptance Registration on the website within 48 hours of notification or your roster position may be offered to another player. All player fees must be paid by end of the 1st week of practice or players will not be allowed to attend practices until such time as payments are settled.


What is the program cost and what does it cover?


3rd through 5th grade players -- $250

6th through 8th grade players -- $300

Player fees cover 2 practices/week for 3rd-5th graders, 3 practices/week for 6th-8th graders, 12-14 regular season league games, 2 tournaments for 3rd-5th graders, 3 tournaments for 6th-8th graders, winter break training with IBall, entry fees for the WA State Middle School Basketball Tournament, a shooting shirt and an end of season celebration.



The uniform is a required purchase for all new program players and includes a personalized (last name on the back) reversible game jersey, reversible shorts and one reversible numbered practice jersey.  A new uniform does not need to be purchased each year that a player makes a team but rather when a uniform no longer fits a player or when it’s reached the end of its life cycle.


When do practices start?

Practices typically start the 1st week of October, though some teams begin the middle of October.  Each team’s actual start date is set by the team’s coaching staff.


How often do teams practice?

3rd - 5th grade teams practice for 1.5 hours twice a week with periodic opportunities for a 3rd practice. 

6th - 8th grade teams practice for 1.5 to 2 hours two to three times a week. 


Where do teams practice?

The teams practice in Riverview School District gymnasiums:  Cedarcrest High School, Tolt Middle School, Stillwater Elementary School, Cherry Valley Elementary School and Carnation Elementary School.


What leagues do CSB teams compete in?

For our CSB boys, the league options for competition include Cascade, Peak and ETL.  For CSB girls, the league options include Cascade, Peak and PSTL.


When do games begin?

League games begin in December and end with season championships in early March.  For teams that qualify, the WA State Middle School Basketball Championship Tournament follows the completion of league play and takes place the middle of March.


What tournaments do we enter?

Each coaching staff chooses the tournaments that their team enters.

  • 3rd – 5th grade teams participate in two tournaments between Oct & March.
  • 6th – 8th grade teams participate in three tournaments between Oct & March.


What can my child expect in terms of positions and/or playing time?

Player’s positions, starting rotations and playing time are at the discretion of the coaching staff. There is no minimum playing time guarantee beyond league (Cascade, Peak, PSTL, ETL) rules. Playing time is determined by many factors including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches & teammates, hustle and game situations.


Is it a problem if my child participates in another sport or activity in addition to basketball during the season?

Communication is the key to success in multi-sport/multi-activity scenarios. It’s important to discuss your child’s schedule with all coaches involved prior to accepting an offer to play for CSB.  Though an occasional missed practice, game or tournament is acceptable, a player who cannot attend the vast majority of the team’s functions should either not accept a position on the team or should expect their playing time to reflect the missed team activities.


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